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Quality Assurance Management

Friends Engineering pay’s great attention to keep the quality of all its products at International level and attempts every possible efforts to obtain further success of its brand, which has secured a special place in the Glass Industry. Friends Engineering has recently laid down its Quality Policy & religiously complying the same to be awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance System Certificate from world’s leading Quality Accredities in the shortest possible time frame.

Quality Policy

Friends Engineering's quality policy is to be a "Total Quality Organization", which is managed with a modern, technological point of view, and also to maintain continuous improvement for meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Quality Control

Complete production process right from “Raw Material” to “Finished Product” is ERP System Controlled to track every job along the way through the production process & process checks. The production department keeps computerized schedules to stay "ahead" of each process and obtains current updates from all phases of production & process checks. This process enables the company to give the accurate production and delivery schedule to its clients.

Process Flow Chart